The Western Australia field youth camp was held at Wave Rock, Perth, Australia from the 14th to the 17th of April. The theme of this camp was “Life Choices” where we delved deeper into understanding the choices and decisions faced by many young people today and how best to navigate this path. This camp was unique in that rather than having formal studies we had discussions out in nature in the open countryside and on top of expansive rocks overlooking the vast plains. These discussions were led by Brother Luke Kneebone, Brother Gerson Robles, and Brother Jacques Payet who readily engaged the youth for their thoughts and input.

It was fantastic to witness the youth engaging in these discussions, providing evidence of the many choices they face in life and asking questions. Many of the discussions throughout this camp identified just how much we need Jesus in our hearts and every aspect of our lives. Without Him, it is impossible to safely navigate the path that lies before each of us. With this in our minds, we engaged in an impromptu discussion on Sabbath afternoon based on a question that was raised, “How do you surrender your heart to God?”.

We really enjoyed talking so openly about this; hearing each other’s personal testimonies and asking more questions encouraged a heart-searching and thought-provoking experience for all. Have we really surrendered to God? When can we surrender to God? How do we stay surrendered to Him?

Approximately 30 individuals, members and church friends, attended this camp and were very blessed by the discussions, the company, and the beautiful location out in nature depicting God’s magnificent handiwork. The activities throughout camp were well received by the youth; they included hiking, Bible games, and orienteering. The orienteering was an all-day activity that had been prepared by Brother Luke Kneebone with the assistance of Brother Gerson Robles and provided a moral and practical lesson for all. As we search through the Word of God for hidden treasure we are to keep our hearts open to the ‘clues’ that God reveals to us, if sometimes we feel that it is too hard, we shouldn’t give up but persevere because, as some of us discovered during orienteering, the next clue may be just a few steps away. Never give up in the search of truth, if we are faithful and persist, God will reveal His will to us.

I praise God for the blessing that He poured out on us during this camp and for the treasures He has given us in His Word. We all face life choices that will greatly impact us and others and we all desperately need God to shine a light on the path that He desires us to walk. If we ever feel confused or lost, let us turn back to the Word of God, and He will reveal His will.